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Our vision is to become a leading Sports Lifestyle Brand, celebrated for reshaping the cultural landscape of golf. A Golf Collab aims to be a leader of inclusivity, offering unique experiences that transcend traditional golf norms and fostering diverse environments within the game.


A Golf Collab is on a mission to break barriers and redefine the introduction and pathway to golf. We strive to be the gateway to inclusive golf experiences, making the sport accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of background or skill level.


“Rangefinder” Ric Carey was born in Flint, MI, raised in Silver Spring, MD, and resides in Wilmington, DE. He is also an alumnus of the iconic institution, known as Morehouse College, in Atlanta, GA. First introduced to golf in his thirties, he lacked the patience to enjoy the nuances of this great game. 20 years later, he was given a second chance, with frustrating results. Wisdom and life experiences have given him an appreciation of the sport of golf, that was absent previously. At this stage, fellowship, self competition, and the scenic vistas, have been a serene and cathartic distraction from the real world. Introducing the game of golf to his Grandson Eric, Jr. (Duce) and future generations of color, are his primary areas of focus. As for his “game”, after determining that killing the ball is non-productive, RR has taken up the most efficient “approach” to score reduction, through optimal course management. “Bogey or better”. Rangefinder Ric sums it up this way: “This addictive and often flummoxing game, in my mind, has gone from silly and pointless, to infused into my very soul. I plan on playing until the Lord calls me home!“


Andrew “Chip” Ellis is from Chester, PA and currently resides in Wilmington, DE. He is an alumnus of Howard University in Washington, DC and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Golf found its way into his life through the lens of a scholarship fundraising tournament in 2019. One in which he participated in planning over the years, but this would be the first time he played. Borrowing a set of clubs from his cousin he was immediately hooked to the game and purchased his own set. Amid the pandemic those clubs would sit in his basement not to be opened until 2021. Since June of 2021 he’s been playing non stop and meeting people from all walks of life. A lesson he’s learned is that you make more progress chipping away at our larger problems than trying to solve it all in one go, true in this game and in life. Initially golf was a stress reliever, but now it’s become a way of life. He wants to share the game of golf with his family, friends and the community.


Cid “2Putt” Jones is a native of and currently resides in Wilmington, DE. He is also an alumnus of the University of Delaware. He was introduced to golf as a Senior in High School with the implementation of a golf program that year, but he only got a chance to swing the clubs on a few occasions. After graduating high school and attending college, golf became an afterthought except on the rare occasion of a friendly challenge. After decades of not swinging the clubs, he was re-introduced to the game in 2019 while participating in a couple of charity tournaments. After sitting in the house throughout the pandemic of 2020, he participated in a few more charity tournaments in 2021 and immediately found golf to be therapeutic. Since Father’s Day of 2021, he has become engrossed with golf; it has become a great activity to relieve stress while also celebrating the infrequent highs with the more common struggles of the game (both of which bring you to laughter) with great people that are learning the game together. He now has a desire to introduce others to the game of golf, especially family, friends and the youth.

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